Saturday, August 27, 2016

Official Retreat Video is here!

Children's Craniofacial Association wants to express our joy and appreciation to Trip Owens of Threefold Films. Trip specializes in cinematography and post production work for weddings and corporate clients in and around Birmingham, AL. As a volunteer, he created the official Retreat video for the #CCARetreat2016 this year. 

About Trip Owens
Trip Owens is the owner of Threefold Films in Birmingham AL. The company films weddings, corporate and non-profit films. Trip loves telling stories through video and capturing a series of moments that move people. So when he met Erica and heard the heart and vision of CCA, he knew he had to do whatever was necessary to be a part of it. He’s a huge fan of t-shirts, miniature dachshunds, and most of all his wife, Faith.

Here's what Trip had to say about his experience volunteering at Retreat:
I was almost instantly smitten with this organization and these kids. One major takeaway I had was this: Appearance doesn’t affect character, but character definitely affects appearance. And this was a group of some of the best looking people I’ve ever seen! It was a privilege to capture these families in action and I can’t wait for the next opportunity! 

Check out the video here and on social media!

Thank you, Trip, for volunteering to capture the memories of the "Time of our Lives" for everyone to share. 
You captured some very special and beautiful memories for CCA and our families and we are grateful!

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