Monday, August 8, 2016

Retreat Photography 2016

Children's Craniofacial Association wants to express our joy and appreciation to Traci Burke of Traci Burke Photography. Traci specializes in creating stunning wedding photography and cinematography with her husband, Justin. Her work showcases the natural beauty and also high glamour of sunny, South Florida weddings and beyond. As a volunteer, she photographed our CCA Friday Pool Party and Yoga Session at the #CCARetreat2016 this year. 

About Traci Seitz (Burke)
Traci has a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in photography. She grew up in a small town in North Dakota and moved to Florida after college with her husband, Justin. Together, they own and operate Traci Burke Photography, a wedding photography and cinematography company. When Erica was looking for a photographer to ask to volunteer, the first person she contacted was Traci. Erica loves the way Traci captures joy and her ability to create natural-light photos that highlight the unique beauty of her subjects. When Traci agreed to photograph Retreat, everyone at CCA was thrilled and we are so happy with the results! 

Here's what Traci had to say about her experience photographing Retreat:

When Erica contacted me to photograph the Retreat, I said yes immediately! Each year, we donate our services to a great cause and was really excited to participate in such a wonderful and special event!  When I arrived, I was a little nervous, but everyone welcomed me with such open arms! I really enjoyed capturing each family and loved watching all the children having so much fun in the sun! Thanks again to Erica and everyone at the retreat for sharing the day with me!

You'll be seeing the photos she took in many of our social media and blog posts and 
here are a few to enjoy today, as well. 

Thank you, Traci, for volunteering to capture the memories of the "Time of our Lives" for everyone to share. 
You captured some very special and beautiful memories for CCA and our families and we are grateful!

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  1. I love seeing all of the smiling faces! Wish every child could attend your Retreat every year.


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