Saturday, February 4, 2017

Raise Awareness on Instagram about Rare Disease Month

February is Rare Disease Month. 

Join Rare Diseases South Africa, an advocacy group for those living with rare conditions in their effort to raise awareness about Rare Diseases by posting on Instagram. 

Each day has a theme or a topic. Take a picture that best reflects that topic in your daily life, share it on Instagram, and tag #RDSA, #RareDiseaseDay2017 #RDSA, and @CCAKids on all social media platforms. A picture speaks volumes about the day-to-day experiences. 

This is a fun way to inform others in a positive way. Show your positivity, resiliency, and what it is like to live with your rare disease. Shout it proud! Shout it out loud! 

Without further ado, here are the topic suggestions for each day of February. Together, let's make the public #AwareAboutRare  

Day 1: My condition
Day 2: Throwback Thursday
Day 3: My daily medicine
Day 4: My favourite pyramid
Day 5: A funny hospital moment
Day 6: How I feel today 
Day 7: My doctors
Day 8: My support system
Day 9: What I am afraid of
Day 10: My treatment
Day 11: My operations 
Day 12: My happy place 
Day 13: What I look forward to
Day 14: My scariest time
Day 15: A treat
Day 16: A proud moment 
Day 17: My motto 
Day 18: The beauty in today
Day 19: Sunday Selfie
Day 20: My Strangest moment
Day 21: A snapshot of my day
Day 22: Side-effects
Day 23: Favourite vitamins
Day 24: A personal goal
Day 25: My inspiration 
Day 26: My family
Day 27: Research
Day 28: #KissMyRare 
Looking forward to creating awareness together!

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