Wednesday, February 1, 2017

#WonderWednesday: Plan Your 'Wonder" Premiere Party

By Kara Jackman

R.J. Palacio's book, Wonder, starring Jacob Tremblay and Julia Roberts will be hitting theaters this year. This is a big moment for our craniofacial family. Let's celebrate and throw a movie  premiere!

I know what you are thinking, "I don't live in Hollywood. How would I know how to plan a premiere party?" Well, not to worry. I  have a 5-point plan to help you get ready for the what will be a night to remember 

1. Organize A Group Ticket Purchase

Start asking people in your area, region, city, or hospital if they would be willing to buy a block of tickets for their group - think your craniofacial team, your classroom, or your workplace. You could also partner with a local business and ask them donate a portion of the profits from a single day of sales to your Wonder premiere ticket purchase in exchange for hosting the official pre- or post-premiere gathering. Contact friends and family to see if they can help, too, and ask them to invite their friends!

2. Identify and Contact a Local Theater to Host
Find a theater that has an existing group program. Try to utilize that program as a jumping-off point. Most theater managers will be amenable to dedicating a showing to a group. Some require you to buy a block of tickets in advance (think #1), while others will help you set up a presale and a special link. 

CCA is working to partner with a large movie theater company. However, the best events come from relationships. If you can establish a program with a theatre manager, you will have the most success. 

3. Hold Tight for the Date, Invite, and Advertise
Once you have found a theater, make a guest list and start advertising the event and location to people you would like to invite. CCA would be more than happy to help you send blast emails or postcard invites on your behalf to your region. Purchase a small bit of advertising space in the local paper, church bulletin. Let local non-profits interested in healthcare and children know about the premiere party. 

The official release date has not yet been announced, so stay tuned... we will let you know as soon as it is made public!

4. Ask Someone To Speak

Ask your son or daughter if they would like to reflect on their experiences being born with a facial difference. Ask a doctor or other medical professional to talk about the medical and social needs of growing up with a facial difference. Hold a question and answer session to facilitate discussion with the audience, or breakout sessions where movie-goers can discuss the film.  

Start approaching potential speakers now, especially if they are medical professionals, so they can save the date for your incredible event. It is never too early to ask... think "Fall" and be on the lookout for the official release date!

5. Local Business Sponsorship

Finally, talk to some potential sponsors at print shops and photographers who'd be willing to donate a "press wall banner" or "step and repeat" banner for photo opportunities and a photographer who'd take premiere photos. Ask local medical or pharmaceutical companies to represent at the event and donate money in exchange for sponsorship opportunity ... Have a business in mind? Let us know, because we're happy to help you with the approach. In return for sponsoring your event, you can give them exposure to your audience. If you plan on hosting a party after, ask local restaurants, supermarkets, and cafes if they would be willing to cater the event. Perhaps, a percentage of the sale could go toward paying for the movie premiere party, or to support the work of CCA. 

What Are Your Thoughts?
If you are planning a Wonder Premiere, let us know what you are doing to make your event extra special! 

Is there anything that I missed? Please feel free to comment below or share your ideas via email at [email protected]

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