Thursday, November 30, 2017

#ThankfulThursday: Counting Our "Wonder"-filled Blessings

By Kara Jackman 

We are thankful for so many things on this #ThankfulThursday....thanks to the door of opportunity that "Wonder" opens each day.  Let us take stock and reflect!

Today, we are thankful for our friends who shared their stories with newspapers, local TV news, online through their words and reflections.

We are grateful that we celebrate our differences. It is through sharing our differences that we grow closer together. 

We are grateful for the conversations that the book and the movie, "Wonder," have begun,  that make the craniofacial community more accepted and understood. We have made the world a kinder place by sharing our stories, struggles, triumphs and so much more.

We are thankful for the positive reception the movie received from the film critic community and the public. People embraced it with arms wide open thanks to the storytelling of R.J. Palacio and the creators of the film.

We are thankful for those members of the CCA community that have stepped up and spoken to classrooms filled with students all around the globe that read the book. You brought the book to life in ways that make the characters drawn by R.J. Palacio whole, complete, and authentic. You speak from your heart about your personal truth and experiences. We thank you for the great advice you give to children about advocating against bullying, asking kids to choose kind, and living life with integrity. 

We are thankful that the movie "Wonder" continues to be seen by more and more people in the United States and across the world, as it premieres in other countries. Each viewing means an opportunity for increased kindness in this world that sometimes can feel unkind and bleak.

Finally, we are thankful for the hope cultivated by your actions and activism. The country, world, and universe need this hope. You are it! Keep on going!

Thank you!

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