Friday, November 10, 2017

Writing Prompts From Our Friends At "The Mighty"

Here are some great writing prompts from our friends at The Mighty. Writing helps me organize my thoughts and process my feelings. You can use these prompts in your own personal journal, to submit a your story to this blog, or to help you become a contributor to The Mighty. Ready, set, sharpen your pencils.....ANNNNNDDD get writing!

1. Create a “survival guide” for taking on the holidays with your or your loved one’s health condition. You can choose a specific holiday or keep it general to the season. What advice would you give someone who finds this time of year challenging due to health?

2. Make a “wish list” of gifts that could really help you or your loved one with a health condition. Don’t view this as being selfish! We get requests from people often asking what gifts to get their friends and family with a condition. Your suggestions may help a lot of people!

3. Write a response to a recent news event or trend, and how it affects you or your a loved one with a health condition. For an extra challenge, pick a topic that, on the surface, many wouldn’t think affects your health, but does. Explain its impact on you, or if you have an opinion, voice your take on the issue (respectfully).

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