Wednesday, February 28, 2018

#ThankfulThursday: March Madness Brackets For Good Tournament Begins on Friday, March 2

Today we are grateful for March Madness. I realize it is a strange thing for which to be grateful, so hear me out. Brackets for Good helps nonprofits compete against one another to raise money. Friendly competition for the common good. Action starts on Friday, March 2nd. Sign up for an account at

Let's learn together what this is all about...

Brackets for Good...what's it good for? 

To raise money, of course. The format styled after March Madness NCAA Basketball tournament, Dallas-area nonprofits will compete against another to see who will raise the most money. Every $1 donated by YOU to CCA equals 1 point in the Brackets for Good tournament in order to move to the next round. We need to rack up a bunch of points. We can easily win this because we have a country-wide reach that our competitors may not.

Like most fundraising efforts, your participation is key. Here are four ways you can help us reach the final four, and ultimately, the championship round. 
  1. Donate money to CCA  through the Brackets For Good Website ( 
Donations to our organization through the Brackets For Good tournament website are the quickest and easiest way for people to support CCA during the tournament. 

2. Free Throws are a way that you can earn FREE dollars to make a donation and score points for CCA. There are 10's of thousands of Free dollars available in the 2018 tournament. Log in and see how it works. 

3. Donation Hotline, or phone donations  If you  prefer to give a donation over the phone you are able to do so by calling: 1-855-ScoreBFG  (1-855-726-73234)

The donation hotline will be available: 3/2/18 - 4/6/18  
  • Monday - Saturday 9am ET - 7pm ET
  • Sunday 1pm - 7pm ET
4. Bench Points
Bench points are funds raised offline during the tournament. In the name of helping you advance in the tournament, these points can be translated into points at a later time, during a later round. Like basketball players coming off the bench 

Upon donating the Brackets for Good will provide you with a tax receipt. 

Seems easy enough? (I think!??)  You can start raising money for CCA today by going to Brackets For Good, and creating an account.

Let's go to the final four. 

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