Friday, June 1, 2018

The Mighty June Writing Prompts

Here are the writing prompts for June. I hope these inspire some strong soul searching and pen scratching!

1. Has a form of self-care ever actually made you feel uncomfortable? For many of us, self-care can feel a bit unsettling, even though it’s in our best interest! Describe a moment you practiced “uncomfortable self-care.” What was the outcome?
2. Do you have a symptom of your condition you find hard to explain to others? What is the symptom? Now, challenge yourself to find a creative way to explain it — or, describe a moment when you found people’s misconceptions about it frustrating and what you do to combat that.
3. Sometimes, a weird or unlikely “sign” signals to us that we are not doing well. Describe a moment you realized you were not OK, despite coming off as “OK” on the surface. What made you realize you needed to ask for help or take action?
4. Stereotypes exist around almost every condition. What do people think your condition “looks” like, and what does it actually “look” like on you? You may want to include a photo to illustrate your point!

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