Saturday, June 23, 2018

Welcome to Salt Lake City!

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Everyone is excited about this year's Annual Family Retreat and Educational Symposium presented by Primary Children's Hospital. I hope this short guide will give you more information about places to eat, explore, and meet any needs that may come up during our visit to Salt Lake City. 

Let's start with the fun stuff...

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Coffee, Dining and Day Trips!

Here is an article from one of my favorite magazines, Bon Appetit. The locals tell us the best places to eat, drink, and have fun in Salt Lake City. Enjoy the great advice gathered by Bon Appetit.  (Sorry in advance for the relentless popups on this website.)

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The Necessities - Pharmacies, Urgent Care, and Hospitals

Despite our best efforts, we are all going to need to pick up something we may have left at home, or we may need to seek medical care while we are on vacation. Here are some suggestions. In a pinch, you can also ask the hotel concierge for suggestions, too.



Urgent Care 

Supermarkets and Superstores

♫Here they are to save the dayyyy...!!♬ Whether you need some snacks or special food for your loved ones, here is a list of the nearby supermarkets and superstores.


Whole Foods

Trader Joes


I hope this list of links helps you enjoy all that Salt Lake City has to offer. I am confident there are many other places to explore. Do not hesitate to pick up free travel guides, speak to our Salt Lake City-based families, the hotel concierge to seek out their suggestions. If there is trouble in your hotel room or accommodations are required of the hotel, please speak to the Little America front desk staff. 

Safe travels everyone. Then let's have some fun. 

--Kara Jackman 

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