Friday, December 21, 2018

Books, Biographies, and More

Many of us have shared our stories in "Wonder"-related presentations, while others have taken to the page to publish their tales of strength and resilience. Check out these books that are in currently available or in the works.

If you are writing a book, or are writing one, please let us know so we can share it with the world in a future blog post. 

Wonderfully Made 

Dear Mighty Kids

"Dear Mighty Kids will have a one page story for each of the 100 Mighty Heroes. The stories will be based on interviews with the Mighty Heroes. Each Mighty Hero will also write a short letter to Mighty Kids with their advice on how to pursue their dreams... the "Dear Mighty Kids" part of the book. The stories will talk about the condition the Mighty Hero has and the challenges he or she faced; However, the focus of the stories will be the Mighty Hero's proudest accomplishments and how they achieved their dreams. 
The Mighty Heroes will come from all around the world and have a wide variety of professions, including: advocate, artist, athlete, author, doctor, engineer, lawyer, musician, teacher, and many more. The Mighty Heroes will also have a variety of conditions like autism, cerebral palsy, craniofacial conditions, deafness, Down syndrome, dyslexia, limb differences, muscular dystrophy, visual impairment, and many others. Some of the Mighty Heroes will be famous and others you may not have heard of yet."

Overcomer: Discovering God's Purpose Against All Odds

"He was considered a surprise birth with his parents, a couple in their forties who had two grown daughters and were seen as past the child-bearing age. When he was born, the doctors believed he wouldn’t survive due to his life-threatening disabilities. Yet, now approaching the age his parents were when they had him, author Dorsey Ross has lived a life dedicated to serving the Lord and encouraging others to not let their disabilities define the impacts they can make. His new autobiography, Overcomer, details the challenges Dorsey faced, as well as those of his family, when he was diagnosed with Apert Syndrome: a genetic disorder that causes abnormal shaping of the skull and face, as well as other birth defects. Pressured by doctors to place Dorsey into an institution, with a belief he would be brain dead soon, his parents decided to take Dorsey home and do what they could to help his life thrive: even if it meant having to endure sixty-eight surgeries for his face, head and hands. What his parents instilled in Dorsey, and what he bestows to others now, is that God brought these challenges into Dorsey’s life as part of a chosen purpose in God’s eternal plan. Even though he dealt with bullying at school and work, underwent more surgeries than any one will ever experience and even had feelings of suicide during desperate times, Dorsey still believed God had a plan amidst the chaos. Overcomer not only shares Dorsey’s extraordinary story with readers, but is also written to influence readers’ beliefs in where God may be leading them. His path led into involvement with ministry, while others could be placed in situations requiring them to not let disadvantages hinder their progress. Some may have given up on Dorsey’s future, but he knew his future was well cared for in the hands of his Heavenly Father."

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