Saturday, May 11, 2019

Rhode Island & New England Families: Join David Scott for Networking on Saturday, May 18th at 3PM

By Kara Jackman

Next weekend, Saturday, May 18th at 3PM at the Rochambeau Library in Providence, David Scott, of Bonded By Birth, will share his cleft story with others born with cleft lip and palate. He encourages families in Providence, Rhode Island and the New England area to share their experiences. The day will allow for personal networking and a musical performance by David Scott. Light refreshments will be provided. More information about this event can be found here at the Rochambeau Library in Providence events page. Click here to learn more 

Anyone with a craniofacial condition is welcome to attend the event in Providence, Rhode Island. Doctors and medical professinals from Hasbro Children's Hospital and Rhode Island Hospital will be on hand to talk about the many procedures and treatments that are available for cleft lip and palate. 

Providence was chosen as the location because of David deep roots with the hospitals in the area. He was born in Mystic, Connecticut and his parents chose Hasbro Childen's Hospital to have his pediatric surgeries. David's palate is still open, and has had surgeries at Rhode Island hospital with the hope that they could close it. After many surgeries David's palate is still open and he has found contented peace by using a prosthetic device. 

Scott believes that "his process is in motion when talking to one other person" about his cleft. His process will be fully engaged on May 18th with a group of people present to hear his story. 

His story is their cleft story. It was not until last year that he began opening up about his life experience of being born with a facial difference. "I didn't talk about it in high school or college." A few years after graduating from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, he had the courage to talk to his friend of 11 years about it. His friend responded with compassion, recognizing his condition, and affirming that he knew and that it had no affect on their friendship.  Now David feels that the cleft, "has no power over me." He wants other kids with clefts to not experience what he did. He wants individuals that participate in the event on Saturday, May18th,  to "feel empowered to share their stories" but do not have to if they choose not to. 

David hopes to have more events in the New England area and begin a mentoring program for children and young adults with clefts with his organization Bonded At Birth. He wants participants to benefit from his events and mentorship to understand that "it is okay to feel the feelings you feel." 

Another way that David expresses his emotions and thoughts about cleft lip and palate is through song. He is a master song writer, guitar player, and has a forthcoming EP with songs like "Can't You See" which speak directly to his feelings about himself, his self image, and how he moves through the world. You can hear more of his music on SoundCloud and Youtube

Thank you David for sharing your story and event with CCA Kids. We hope that you continue to do great things in the facial differences community in New England. 

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