Sunday, June 2, 2019

30 Stories, 30 Faces, 30 Years: Jerry Carchi

CCA has been one of the most inspiring organizations my family and I have ever been a part of. We found a place to call home, when it comes to being a part of group we can count on for advice and a place to pay it forward to a family just starting their journey into the craniofacial world. We have had so many great moments at the CCA Retreats, it is so hard to pick a favorite moment, but I can say that all those moments combine to become one great experience that is filled with pure love, understanding, kindness, and compassion. We see the future of the CCA family growing bigger and stronger as we continue to show families and individuals with facial differences that with love and support we can achieve anything no matter what the world throws at us.

                                                               -Jerry Carchi, CCA Dad

Jerry Carchi is the quintessential CCA Dad from Hohokus, New Jersey. He learned the art of fatherhood from his own great dad, who was always there, selfless, and reveled in seeing his children enjoy life. Jerry says his father “lived for us kids, and set the example of how to be with my child, Sydney.”

Sydney was born with Pfeiffer syndrome in 2009. Jerry and Virginia, her mom, hope to never let anything get in the way of Sydney doing and experiencing everything life has to offer. Jerry says, “CCA has helped Sydney embrace her differences and to never let barriers get in her way.”

The Annual Retreat and Educational symposium has had a positive effect on Jerry’s ability to be a father. Jerry and his wife, Virginia, learned about CCA and the retreat from Diana Sweeney at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Jerry says the retreats have an overwhelming safe feeling. “We were not worried about who Sydney was hanging out with. There was no anticipation of what others were going to ask her. We, as a family, were free to be ourselves and feel a sense of normalcy.”

In addition to their annual retreat adventures, the Carchis love to seek out local adventures. They enjoy going to the park, art exhibitions, musical performances, hoping to show their daughter the world of ways she can authentically connect with people through the things you do, not the way you look.

Jerry has danced his way into our hearts here at CCA and at the Wyckoff YMCA where he works as Assistant Director. Jerry wanted to make a difference and help people find community through his unparalleled dance steps, kind heart, and loving spirit. With that said, it should be no surprise that Jerry teaches weekly Zumba classes at the YMCA and on Saturday morning at this year’s Annual Retreat and Educational Symposium, two communities he cares for deeply.

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