Friday, July 12, 2019

30 Stories 30 Faces 30 Years: Macey Atkins

Our family is proud to be a part of CCA because they help families like ours every day. When we felt alone and did not know a lot about Macey's condition, CCA provided what we needed. They provided informational resources, emotional, and financial support. Because of CCA we've connected with many families. We support each other through our everyday obstacles and provide resources through our experiences. CCA has helped educate the world about craniofacial anomalies. Because of their mission to spread awareness, countless children are receiving the appropriate diagnosis and getting medical attention early. 
-Stacey Atkins, Mother of Macey Atkins

Macey, and her mom, Stacey Atkins live in Zachary, Louisiana. Macey has been a part of our CCA family since she was born. Now, sixteen years later, Macey is a rising sophomore at Zachary High School who enjoys cheerleading, swimming, traveling, and all things fashion. Her true passion is dancing, which she has been practicing for thirteen years. As a family, the Atkins like to go to the movies, and eat at new restaurants. Her #SuperSib sister, Allyson, supports Macey through everything. Allyson will be a sixth grader in the fall. 

CCA has helped the Atkins family know the value of kindness. Stacy says. “As a parent it’s hard to see individuals treat her differently because of the way she looks. Macey brings an infectious, loving spirit to everyone she meets. She has taught me that no matter what you look like, no matter what your disability is, there should never be a limit put on what you can achieve.” 

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