Tuesday, July 9, 2019

#WonderWednesday: Mom and PJ Visit Manhattan Beach California Elementary School to Raise Awareness

PJ and his Mom Crystal visited Grand View Elementary School in Manhattan Beach California on May 30th about facial differences, anti-bullying, and empathy-building.

The students and staff at Grandview were so moved that they made a donation to CCA in PJs honor. There were a number of students in attendance for the presentation which featured Crystal speaking about PJ trials and triumphs living with Treacher Collins syndrome, just like Auggie in the book "Wonder."

CCA has children and parents from all over the country speak at local schools, scouting gatherings, and churches to spread the word about kindness.We share our stories and experiences in the hope that we influence children and teens in the audience to choose and be kind in their daily interactions with all people.

We are all beautifully different in our own way. Thank you, PJ and Crystal for helping us share this message through telling your story around the country.

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