Friday, August 2, 2019

30 Stories 30 Faces 30 Years: Ashley and Jessica Bock

Ashley and Jessica are true twinners! These bubbly 15 year-old sisters hail from Houston, Texas. They make the most out of each day with one another, playing Minecraft, enjoying movies, and chatting away with their friends. They love attending CCA’s Annual Family Retreat and Educational Symposium each year. Ashley and Jess have attended 12 retreats. They have truly grown up and built bonds with their CCA friends throughout their lives. Jessica says, “At the Retreats, there are fun activities. We love getting to see all the little craniofacial kids and babies.

 Jessica and Ashley are indeed role models for other CCA Kids and Sibs. Jessica is very supportive of her sister, sticking by her side during everything from surgeries to social interactions. Ashley knows (because of their twin telepathy) that she will always be there for her. 

Jessica attends Cypress Woods High School in Houston, Texas. Ashley is homeschooled. Her mother teachers her English, language arts, while her grandfather helps teach her math. Every member of this family is involved in the twins’ success, but chiefly Jessica and Ashley, who work hard to make the world a kinder place every day! 

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