Saturday, August 3, 2019

Christine Shares Her Story at New Jersey Church

Christine Clinton and Jen Kilmer at Annual Family Retreat
and Educational Symposium 2019 in Scottsdale, AZ

Christine continues to share her story and advocate for kindness across the north east. She mostly speaks to middle schoolers, but this time she spoke in front of the congregation at her church, St. Justin the Martyr Catholic Church. Clearly, she is not afraid to branch out to spread the message of acceptance and kindness to more people.

At St. Justin the Martyr, she spoke about the power of vulnerability. She described how to be vulnerable to the packed church, by saying, "it’s standing there for an extra 90 seconds or even 90 minutes to allow someone to be vulnerable with you. In return, you’ll gain a loyal friend." It can be just that simple. She went on to talk about her difference and how connecting with other people has helped her build confidence.  

Christine speaking to a group of Girl Scouts
Christine tailors each presentation to the audience. The power of vulnerability was important for people of all ages to hear at St. Justins. But when Christine travels to schools, she speaks more about how acts of kindness can prove to be powerful. She feels speaking to middle school students is important because she could have benefited from support during that time in her life. 

"Growing up, I didn't have CCA, or the support that is available now. That is why I am so passionate about helping to promote acceptance and awareness of craniofacial/physical differences, and choosing kindness. For me, that is so very important. All I have ever wanted is to be and feel unconditionally accepted and loved."

Great job, Christine. Keep on sharing your story. 

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