Sunday, October 6, 2019

#WonderWednesday: Angie and Marco Visit Armstrong School For Fourth Time

Angelica and Marco Garcia spoke to 120 eager students at Neil Armonstrong Academy. This was their fourth visit to the school in as many years to talk to the students about what life is like living with a facial difference. The students read the book "Wonder" and Marco and Angelica's assembly was part of one-of-a-kind learning experience where R.J. Palacio's book was brought to life through their presence and words at the school. Thank you Angie and Marco for your continued service to CCA and the students of Utah. If you are interested in having an adult or child with a facial difference   come to your school while reading "Wonder," please contact Khadija Moten, [email protected] or fill out this form. If you are an adult or child with a facial difference and want to share your story, you should go to our speaker's bureau website.  

Here is what Angie had to say about the experience at Neil Armstrong Academy: 
It was so WONDERful to see the new batch of 6th graders this week! It was our 4th time coming and it just gets better every time ☺️ We love the innocent honesty of children and wish more adults could learn from that. We had encouraged them to ask us ANY question their hearts desire. One child asked if we were going to have more children and a few classmates shushed them, but we thanked him for asking that question and I answered that hopefully through adoption "yes."  And R.J. will always be our first child and his passing didn’t stop us from the idea of giving more dear children a stable loving home and family. We also emphasized that we are not limited to adopting children with Apert syndrome. I’ve noticed that with adults too, they assume that we will just focus on adopting kids with Apert syndrome. If the time comes that we are in a place financially and legally to adopt, if there’s a child that wants us to adopt them regardless of our looks and there is equal love and a positive dynamic present, then we are so going to adopt them. #heartsforRJ #wonder #choosekind #cam2019 #teachthekids

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