Tuesday, October 29, 2019

#WonderWednesday: Avery Shares Her Story!

(L-R) Avery, Dominika, and Nova  Photo Credit: Liz Cox

Avery Cooper is spreading "Wonder" and kindness everywhere she goes. She raises funds like champ, helps other, and speaks to students too about R.J. Palacio's book "We Are All Wonders" and how to be kind to others. Avery's mother Stephanie shared with us her daughter's latest achievements, 
" [Avery] spoke to the 100 or so students on her fifth grade team a couple of weeks ago. She shared her story and talked about being kind. She has a PowerPoint and shows her RED, trach, and hearing aids. She often reads We Are All Wonders, but I’m not sure if she did this time." 

Thank you Avery for your all your hard work and service in the name of CCA during this month of October, National Bullying Prevention Month. 

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