Monday, May 18, 2020

Superhero Smiles, New Children's Book and Video Available NOW!

Photo Credit: Photo Provided by Jenifer Donatelli Ihm

A few months ago we shared the text of author, Jeni Donatelli Ihm's book, "Superhero Smiles." We are very excited to share that Jeni was able to get her book published after tweaking the narrative to help make sense of these tough times during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Even more exciting is that the book is available to you for free download at Eifrig Publishing. Click the arrow under "price" to select "Ebook Free" to get your copy today. A $1 donation to the UNICEF COVID-19 Relief Fund is highly recommended. And for those who like the smell and feel of a book, the paperback version is available on the Eifrig Publishing website for $9.99. Simply select paperback from the dropdown menu, and your $9.99 will be donated to the UNICEF COVID-19 Relief Fund, too. 

"Superhero Smiles" celebrates the different people whom all need to see us smile each and every day. Jeni hopes to foster a sense of safety and kindness for children as families wade through these uncertain times. The original text of the book was inspired by Jeni's son, who was born with a facial difference, cleft lip and palate. Jeni hopes to "allow families the space to have conversations at home about how to celebrate all children." Something that is very important during this scary time for our kids.

This version of "Superhero Smiles" celebrates the unsung heroes of today, making clear that we should "gift" smiles not only to our friends and family, but also to essential workers and first responders serving on the front lines of this pandemic. While Mr. Rogers encourages us to "look for the helpers," Jeni adds to this sentiment by suggesting that we share a smile to show our gratitude to them. 

Photo Credit: Screenshot of page from Youtube

You can access the book in audiovisual format, by clicking over to Youtube!  Jeni would love for you to read her book to celebrate the superheroes in your lives. Then, after you do, please shout from the rooftops on social media about her tremendous work.You can tag and follow Jeni on all the usual social media channels, including Facebook, Instagramand Twitter

Photo Credit: UNICEF
A children's book like "Superhero Smiles" is needed now more than ever. Children need to feel empowered during the COVID-19 pandemic. Jeni hopes that, "this one, small gesture" will "bring a little joy."  

We do need some joy right now. Please download the book, or watch Jeni read it with her kids on Youtube today. 

Happy Reading! And don't forget to smile with style. 

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