Friday, December 4, 2020

Adapt Easily, Find Products That Help With Everyday Living

By Josh Lindsey

Hi, my name is Josh Lindsey, and I was born with Apert syndrome. I have lived in Utah all my life. I am the youngest of 3 boys, and I currently work as a Desk Side Support Technician.

When I was younger, I could not button dress shirts on my own. I would have to get a parent or sibling to help me each time I wanted to put on a button up shirt. I did not like having to get help with something most people can do on their own.  One day while I was in elementary school, my Occupational Therapist gave me a button hook.  I could then button shirts on my own and I was thrilled.  

I recently launched a website called  And really the name says it all! On our website, you will find adaptive products that could make your life easier or help you gain a little bit more independence in your daily life.  We do not sell these products, you will buy them directly from other online retailers. 

Below are some products on my website that have helped me the most.

  • Button Hook: Allows me to fasten buttons on a dress shirt without assistance.

  • Handheld playing card holder:  I have difficulty seeing all the playing cards in my hand at once. This holder makes it a whole lot easier.

  • Finger Peeler: I have difficulty grasping a regular vegetable peeler, and I have found a finger peeler to be a lot easier to use. 

For more information you can visit our website at

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