Wednesday, August 8, 2012

An Olympic Challenge

I have Olympic fever! I've been officially obsessed with the Olympics for the past week despite almost every event that I've DVR'd being spoiled by Facebook, Twitter, Huffpo's Medal Count and my office mates.  I still loving watching the events even though I know who was named Gold, Silver and Bronze.  It is no less (well, barely less) thrilling to witness the amazing feats these athletes accomplish.

Many of these Olympians are role models for today's kids, just like the Olympians I remember watching as a little girl. I have fond memories of watching the Magnificent Seven compete in the 1996 Olympics. They were far above average in every way, but yet they looked a bit like older girls that I looked up to; like friends who shared neon gel pens and poofy bangs.  They were just like Gabby, Aly, Jordyn, Kyla and McKayla are:  a shining example of what hard work, skill, courage, enthusiasm, and team spirit can do for a group of young women, a national team, and an entire country. 

All kids need role models and positive examples. CCA's mentorship and family network connects real-life role models to kids and families nationwide. CCA has been in existence for over 20 years and in that time numerous families have found empowerment and hope through looking to each other.

CCA needs those individuals who've relied on the organization to step up as role models.  Many members are already doing this as evidenced by our growing community of teen and young adult mentors. These efforts can also be seen in CCA volunteers who are investing their talents in the organization, expanding their networks, enlisting their friends, donating money and focusing on fundraising. 

Our family fundraisers significantly contribute toward helping younger craniofacial children meet and stay in touch with positive role models. During tough economic times, CCA has not been immune to shrinking donations. Now is the time for young adults to use that signature Millennial can-do attitude and boundless enthusiasm to raise money for the generation coming behind us. Many of us were fortunate to grow up with CCA, and now it's our turn to continue that legacy and become role models in all ways, including financial commitment. 

I have an Olympic-sized challenge to issue to all of our members: Set a "Golden Goal" for fundraising that you think you can achieve by the end of this year. What will you contribute to CCA?  Here are some ideas to get you started.
  1. Create a FirstGiving page to earn online donations (view Peter Dankelson's page for an example)
  2. Host an event (silent auction/dinner, golf outing, 5K/10K... be creative!).  Call CCA's office at 1-800-535-3643 and ask for Jill.  Remember that in order to host an event and be awarded the retreat hotel incentive, you must first sign a contract with CCA.
  3. Set up a recurring monthly gift (visit and click on the "donate" button to set this up)
  4. Collect money at work or school to raise awareness and spread the word that "Beyond the Face is a Heart!"

No goal is too large or too small and every gift makes a positive impact on the awesome juniors in our CCA family!


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