Saturday, August 18, 2012

Grateful for good doctors

This week I am thankful for a great doctor's office experience (really, I mean it!). My ENT, who has seen me for well over a decade, actually took the time to sit down with me and review my medical history and talk about some options for the future. I am sure I was afforded this opportunity because I was the last patient of the day, but as he sat down into the chair across from me, my doctor, usually harried, brusque and casually loud, was sincere and reserved. He looked over my charts and even reminisced with me a little -- until I made him feel old, haha!

I am grateful for this experience because I feel uniquely privileged to have had access to his expertise for so long. In that time, he has developed a keen sense on when to medicate a condition and when to ride it out. He knows the past procedures I've had, with him and other surgeons, and which ones seem to help and which ones don't. He even knows not to give me nasal spray unless I "really need it," as I am definitely not a fan of nasal sprays.

I'm fortunate to have been under the care of a physician who cares about me and has developed a relationship with me over a long period of time. Doctor / Patient relationships sometimes feel frustrating, but my ENT has been a great health and wellness resource for me throughout my life. To him, I'm definitely a real person and not just a file stuck in a door. And for that, I'm grateful.

From guest-blogger Erica Mossholder

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