Sunday, August 26, 2012

Grateful for...Community Acceptance

When we moved to Texas from Indiana almost 2 years ago, we hoped we would be welcomed to our neighborhood with open arms. Although we settled into our new home just as "Craniofacial Acceptance Month" was coming to a close I knew I wanted to host a picnic the following year.

Over the next year we became great friends with our neighbors and started both boys in preschool. We got involved in the community as much as we could - taking on volunteer roles, participating in neighborhood activities, etc. Before long, we felt that Texas had in fact become our "home".

In September of last year, I hosted my first Craniofacial Acceptance Month picnic. I invited our neighbor friends and the families of children in Aiden's preschool class who had gotten to know a little bit about craniofacial conditions from him at school. I hung posters in our Resident's Club and at local businesses around town. During our time in Texas, I had also met a few local families who were affected in some way by craniofacial conditions, so I reached out to them inviting them to the picnic too.

For the big day, we rented a bouncy house, served drinks (donated by our local grocery store) and had information about CCA, Aiden and Apert Syndrome ready for anyone who wanted to learn more. On the day of the picnic I was nervous that nobody would show up however we had a great turn out! Many of Aiden's classmates came and all of our neighbors who had become great friends were there as well. There were even a few families we had never met, but who recognized Aiden from the community and wanted to show their support.

We were so happy that people were genuinely interested in supporting Aiden and in learning about craniofacial conditions. Having the opportunity to spread awareness brings about acceptance. We were grateful to feel the acceptance within the community.

As September approaches, please think about hosting a picnic for Craniofacial Acceptance Month in your area. Contact CCA at 1.800.535.3643 to request materials that can help you promote acceptance month by organizing a picnic, hanging posters and/or ordering other CCA materials to help spread the word.

To read more about and see pictures from the picnic we hosted last year, click HERE.

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