Wednesday, September 20, 2017

#WonderWednesday: Paving The Way For Kinder Schools in Louisiana

Candice Robin and her daughter, Anna Lise Photo Credit: Facebook

Schools across the country are receiving Wonder books from Children's Craniofacial Association. Candice Robin, of St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, began a fundraising campaign for local school districts during the summer. Her T-shirt campaign helped get 200 copies of Wonder sent to the school where her 18-month-old daughter, Anna Lise, nay attend school someday. Her daughter was born with Treacher Collins. 

Robin was interviewed on the local TV news to promote the efforts of her group "Wonder 4 Schools Louisiana." You can see her interview in this previous blog. 

In a recent news article that appeared in the Daily World (part of USA Today), Robin says of having a child born with a facial difference, “Hopefully having students read the book will make them aware of the matter," Robin said. "The word which comes to mind is ‘kindness’ when you finish reading it and how that plays a big part in resolving issues.”

You can help contribute to Candice Robin's crusade to educate the students of Louisiana through R.J. Palacio's novel "Wonder" by visiting her fundraising page and buying a "Wonder 4 Schools Louisiana" T-Shirt. 

If you are interested in bringing the book "Wonder" to your local school, go to our website. We also have curriculum, merchandise, and downloads that could help in bringing Palacio's story to life. 

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