Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Writing Ideas From The Mighty Inside

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to figure out how to tell your story or begin the writing process. Our friends at The Mighty were kind enough to send along some writing prompts. I thought I would share them with you. I hope you find them helpful. If you an think of any additional questions, post them in the comments section below this post. 

1. Describe a moment when your condition either positively or negatively affected an important relationship (does not have to be romantic!). How did you handle this or how do you wish you had handled this? What do you want that other person to understand? Note: Please consider the privacy of individuals mentioned in these submissions. If you are discussing a negative instance, make sure your story is still constructive.

2. Share a photo you would want to show someone who, upon hearing of your or a loved one’s condition, offered pity or assumed your life is sad. What is the story behind this photo, and what would you tell someone who feels sorry for you? If you don’t have a photo, instead describe a moment where you faced this kind of pity and what you’d like to say to that person.

3. What is one thing related to your health you find yourself apologizing for, even when you know it’s out of your control? Write a note you can read back to yourself when you need a moment of empowerment or to remind yourself you don’t have to apologize.

4. Does your or a loved one’s health condition affect your mental health? Describe a moment you realized your mental health was affected and how you are trying to manage this.

5. What was a question you wish you had known to ask when you or a loved one was first diagnosed? Have you learned the answer to it since? Share this with us, along with a short list of questions you’d recommend asking to someone newly diagnosed.

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