Sunday, April 21, 2019

#WonderWednesday: Zachary Dunn Dazzles at Richmond, Virginia School

Zachary Dunn and his Mom and Dad, Jeff and Whitney were invited to speak at Seven Hills School for just under 100 middle school students in March. The students recently read the book "Wonder" in their classes before they heard the Dunns bring the story to life Zachary was born with Treacher Collins syndrome. August Pullman in the book "Wonder" has a similar facial difference. They shared ways their lives as parents have changed after having Zachary. Students learned from the Dunns how to be more empathetic and accepting, and encouraged everyone to always choose kind.

The feedback from the teacher gave high praise to Zachary's parents' ability to share their personal experience of having a toddler born with Treacher Collins syndrome.

"The Dunns were so engaging and made an instant connection with the audience.  They had them participate and contribute to the conversation and that goes a long long way with this audience."

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