Friday, February 7, 2020

Building Resiliency: Mindfulness In Every Day Activities

I love my tea! For me it’s more than hot, brown liquid that fuels my day and hydrates my skin. Tea is an experience. the ritual begins with me pouring water into the electric kettle, listening it it boil. Then I delight in selecting a tea from my extensive collection. I love all the bright packaging, or crinkly cellophane. Finally, I drop the bag in one of my many favorite mugs and pour the steamy, hot water into the mug. I love letting the steam waft up on my face and feel the hot cup in my hands. Tea is a meditation that increases our awareness of the present moment through the five senses. 

There are so many ways to be mindful! You can run, sit and breathe, wash the dishes mindfully, and so much more. The idea is that whatever activity you choose you only focus on the activity and its small component parts. For instance, with walking or running, one might focus on how their right foot hits the ground on each step. While washing the dishes, one might inhale the soap's fragrance, feel the hot water on their hands, and the sponge removing a bit of stain from a the dish. 

The idea is to be completely in the moment and one with the activity, not thinking about your homework, or what you need to do next to help your child. If we take things one moment at a time, your anxiety will decrease, and you will feel refreshed! 

Give it a try. See where you can apply this practice in your daily life. What will be your mindfulness practice. 

Learn more about mindfulness here

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