Monday, February 24, 2020

Research Participants Needed For Emory Cleft Project Study

Research Opportunity for Cleft Families

An invitation from Grace Carlock from Emory University

We are reaching out to you because after a successful year of recruitment in 2019 we are ready to start our next round of recruitment for the Emory Cleft Project.

In 2020, we have expanded our online presence to include a website ( and are working on our social media presence as well. We are also gearing up to begin another arm of recruitment with healthcare providers and cleft clinics both locally here in Atlanta, as well as, other locations around the country.

More information on the study can be found, here, at our website, including procedures, forms, and more. We are still recruiting for all orofacial cleft types (cleft lip, cleft palate, cleft lip and palate) in the United States and Canada. Also, we are recruiting Van der Woude Syndrome families, nationally and internationally.

We have received back about 55-60% of the sample kits we mailed out. For those that received our kits, but didn't return them... it isn't too late! We would be happy to have people send in their kits. They can contact us via our website for new kits or return labels if needed.

Thank you so much again for all your support, and please let us know if there is any more information that we can provide to you on our ongoing research!

Learn more about our work in the flyer below...

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