Wednesday, February 5, 2020

#ThankfulThursday: Seneca Valley High School Student Raises $7,000 For CCA

Madisyn Bower inspired Seneca Valley High School student, Maddie Karchut, to host a spaghetti dinner to benefit CCA. This was not just any spaghetti dinner, though. No, Maddie and the surrounding north west Pennsylvania community came together to raise $7,000. 

The event featured a sumptuous meal feeding 200 people with six families in attendance affected by craniofacial conditions. 

Over 200 local businesses were contacted for donations and 80 of them came through with something to give towards one of the 45 raffle baskets that were on display around the room. Other sponsors found ways to make the day special for all who attended. Twenty five volunteers coordinated the activities for the 200 supporters, ensuring everything ran smoothly. 

After all was said and done, the leftover food and supplies were donated to Light of Life Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter, in nearby Pittsburgh. A fine way to pay forward the spirit of kindness, good karma, and great fundraising from a super successful event. 

Thank you Maddie Karchut, we are confident that you will make all your dreams come true in the bright and bold future that lies before you after high school graduation. 

Congratulations on running a successful fundraising event that will bring medical care to kids in need, provide social networking for families feeling alone, and provide opportunities for learning about empathy and kindness in classrooms around the country.  

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