Saturday, November 28, 2020

CCA Is A Strong Pillar For Our Families


CCA is both a strong community filled with loving people, and a place to find resources for families in need. Families, like the Tandazos, benefit from our resource sharing and financial assistance on a weekly basis. Please read the families reflection on these programs and consider a gift to CCA Kids to keep us going for years to come.  

Our family went through life-changing events as we were approaching Paolo's birth. My husband lost his job one month prior to Paolo's birth and we discovered at birth that Paolo had Apert syndrome. Our family was overwhelmed with all the unknown ahead of us. The CCA Kids’ website provided us with the initial resources, including trying to find qualified care teams. But the lack of a second income in addition to unforeseen ongoing medical bills for Paolo's care was an additional stressor - which CCA Kids alleviated. It was a huge relief to know that we could travel for medical care that he needed and have financial support for those expenses, may they be travel, housing or food. We are extremely grateful CCA Kids made this possible for us twice already within a year and took some of our worries away so we could focus on Paolo's care and recovery. As we continue our journey, we feel blessed to be part of this new family that CCA Kids represents.

How has CCA given your family hope and strength this year?

"CCA kids is an ongoing resource for us - may it be educational, financial or learning about other family stories. It helps feel that we are definitely not alone in this journey and stronger parents for our little Paolo."

Tandazo Family 

Charlotte, NC 

Donate today to our month-long #GivingTuesday fundraiser filled with gratitude. 

As a special incentive, every gift $100 or more (at this link) will receive a customized, reusable CCA Starbucks Cup, which makes a perfect gift! 

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