Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Give Hope: Just When Our Families Need It

Hope. We are all hungry for it. CCA devoted itself to providing glimpses of hope through March, April, and May as the COVID-19 pandemic overtook our lives. Then, in June, CCA shouted from the rooftops that "Hope" would not be canceled this year. While we could not have an in-person Annual Family Retreat, we would have one dynamic one online, reaching more families than ever before. Here, the Anderson share how these virtual gatherings, especially our online retreat programming injected some much needed positivity and hope for their family. 

We have been a part of CCA now for seven years and have attended each of those Retreats. The Retreat really is the one thing that we all look forward to all year. It is our favorite week of the year. Although we were so sad when the in-person retreat had to be canceled last summer, we understood that it was for our safety, and we knew that CCA would come up with something to connect our families during such a tumultuous time for so many of us. As everyone learned to navigate the world of Zoom, CCA embraced the platform and came up with a plan to connect us with so many across the country and other parts of the world. We were proud and excited to take part in the Treacher Collins breakout session. We connected with old families that we love to see every year and met so many new families, as well. I would like to think that for those who normally could not travel or had never been to a retreat, that this virtual platform was essentially a toe-dip into what the retreat normally has to offer, and now they may join us at future retreats.

How has CCA given your family hope and strength this year?

What gives our family hope and strength in regards to CCA is to see the new families and those precious babies become part of the tribe. It gives us strength to know what CCA retreats have done for our family and to know that those new families will also have that opportunity to form the strong bonds between both the parents and the children in future years. It is this hope that keeps us coming back each year to fill our cups with love, acceptance and positivity.

Anderson Family

Rockwood, MI

Give hope! 

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