Monday, November 30, 2020

When Travel is "Essential," so is your gift!


CCA is here for the small medical appointments and big surgeries. In 2020, every appointment and surgery feels like the "big one." Please consider helping families like the Watkins receive the essential care they need, care that is much scarier and harder to access during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read how CCA's impact made Jordan's medical progress possible. 

"2019 was a HUGE year for our little family, as our son, Jordan underwent LeFort III-midface advancement in July. We live in Palm Springs, which is a two-hour drive (minus Southern California traffic) to Children's Hospital Orange County, where our son is treated for Crouzon Syndrome. Midface advancement surgery is considered the "BIG ONE" in the craniofacial community, as it requires the patient to either wear an internal or external device to advance the bones in the midface forward. During that time, we were fortunate enough to be able utilize the Ronald McDonald House near the hospital for close to five months, on and off. This was heaven sent, as we could focus on Jordan and not worry about hotel bills or traveling constantly for follow up appointments. In November, Jordan's device was removed and he was able to return to school after winter break.

January of 2020, Jordan began school with his head held high and thrilled to be amongst his friends again. Then the pandemic hit and everything changed for us overnight. Jordan was, and still is, being taught virtually from home, per the state of California, which has made our family adapt just as most people did. I went from working full time, to having to stay home in the mornings to allow him to Zoom with his teacher and for me to help him with his classwork, then Jordan goes to work with me for a couple hours in the afternoon. It's not an ideal situation, but it is working for us for the time being. Dad was staying home with Jordan until September, when he was offered a position for a small, family company. It is a pay cut from his prior position, but it is a position that will pay benefits and has room for him to excel."

How has CCA given your family hope and strength this year?

"To say this year has been full of changes has been an understatement! The biggest change for us on the medical front is the Ronald McDonald House. Before COVID-19 we were able to utilize the House for appointments. The House is now restricted to only inpatient surgeries and everyone that enters the House is to be tested for COVID-19, amongst a few new rules. This protocol makes it difficult for families like ours that travel to appointments. It would be a bit easier if we only had one doctor to visit, but with multiple specialists and now a new diagnosis, which will now include another physician, meaning that we have several appointments over several days.

This is where CCA stepped in. Since the pandemic has hit, we have been able to reach out to them for assistance for hotel stays for Jordan's medical appointments, since the Ronald McDonald house is not available at this time. It has been a blessing to have an Association that understands that many of their families MUST travel in order to get the best care possible for their child.

On the flip side, it was also exciting to see our friends from CCA this past June, even if it was virtually. It was nice to see everyone's smiling faces and a joy to see all the talents that many of our children possess."

The Watkins Family
Desert Hot Springs, CA

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